Web analytics

Google Analytics is a high-end web analytics tool that tracks all webmarketing initiatives . The profitability and effectiveness of the campaigns becomes measurable in great detail, thanks to more than 80 predefined reports, each of which can be cross-checked with 18 segments, to obtain nearly 1,500 possible reports.

Examples of concrete results obtained with Google Analytics for our customers:

testing different creatives for each newsletter and tracking results using Google Analytics . Obtaining base rate, clickthrough rate, and variant conversions
Evaluate the effectiveness of email campaigns to drive traffic to a site. Creation of specific campaigns according to the segmentation of the recipients;
Determine at what point in their browsing customers leave a page. Change the structure, navigation or page content to lower the dropout rate;
Develop promotional landing pages with hooks that provide links to relevant content;
Dedicated profiles (to measure visits, conversions, e-commerce, for a dedicated source);
Filtered profiles (to suppress visits from collaborators or providers);
Detailed analysis of a partnership;
Blocking points of a conversion tunnel;
Segmentations of a newsletter;
Virtua also offers tailor-made training to help you master Google Analytics .