Natural reference

The SEO or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website through which we increase the quality:

    • its information (editorial content, images, multimedia …),
    • its structure (tree structure, page names, internal links),
    • its network of links (incoming links, outgoing links).

The purpose of this approach is to make the site conform to the search engine ranking conditions, which will enable it to:

  • to make it appear in the best results of the engines, with the popular keywords related to its thematic,
  • generate traffic fromsearch engines,
  • by direct input, or by inbound links, retain the user.

A pioneer of the web in Switzerland, Virtua naturally develops its Search Marketing sector since 2004. Thanks to its specialists and its solutions, adapted to each sector of the economy, Virtua is one of the only companies in Switzerland that can offer you SEO made to measure .

Our results
Here is the evolution of the natural traffic (resulting from the natural results of the various search engines) of the website Tout Pour Jouer, an online toy store . As stated in the graph, Virtua began optimizations in February 2009.